3D Infinite Runner for Playmaker


Now Supports Unity 5!

This feature packed, mobile ready kit has everything you need to make your own endless 3D running game. No programming required!

*Requires Playmaker

1 – Responsive swipe controls
2 – Throwing projectiles
3 – Destructible objects
4 – Power ups
– Coin magnet
– Shield
– Continue Keys
– Coin doubler
– Score Multiplier
5 – Multiple speed levels
6 – Ramps, Obstacles, Tunnels, Coins and more!
7 – uGUI menus
8 – Simple character model swapping
9 – Mecanim animations (Idle, Run, Sprint, Jump, Double Jump, Slide, Throw, Spawn)
10 – Unlit world curving shader with real time directional shifting
11 – Dynamic follow camera
12 – Fast loading track randomization
13 – Easy track editing
14 – Object pooling on everything
15 – PlayerPref high scores
16 – Steampunk artwork included
17 – Sound effects included
18 – Detailed documentation
19 – Fully commented logic
20 – Mobile ready

Web Player Demo

Sample Android APK

Note: Created in Unity versions 4.6.0 and 5.0

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Product Description

– Fixed swipe controls issue in Unity 2017.

– Added support for Unity 2017. – Fixed menu bug.

– IOS Bug Fix: Sliding under obstacles now sets collider properties correctly on IOS builds.
– Bug Fix: Footsteps now register properly when swapping character models.

– Added runtime character swap example.
– Added “Dark Metal” character skin.
– Fixed “Animator is not playing a Playable” console warning spam when switching player model.
– Y Velocity is no longer updated when game is idle or in menu.
– Updated documentation.

Bug Fixes: – Coin pickup sound now works properly in Unity 5.
– Using continue keys now properly updates the world curve logic.
– Fixed delay on pickups introduced in Unity 5.3.1f1.
– Fixed missing variable error introduced in Playmaker 1.8.0f43
– Resolved “Invalid AABB” error introduced in Unity 5.3.1f1

– API updater no longer required to run after importing additional package in Unity 5.
– Playmaker globals now import as intended in Unity 5.
– Cleaned up animator tree.
– Removed missing scene from build settings.

– Added temporary invincibility after using continue keys.
– Fixed Bug which caused player to ignore triggers when colliding with junk obstacles in Unity 5.

v1.1.2 (March 26, 2015)
Now Supports Unity 5!

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug that caused player to stand when firing from the sliding position.
– Fixed a bug causing player to stick for a split second at the top of ramps.
– Fixed Unity 5 issue causing player to not change lanes.
– Fixed Unity 5 issue causing sounds to not play.

– Lane switching no longer uses iTween, now takes advantage of HOTween performance.
– Improved auditory feedback when quickly switching lanes or cancelling lanes.
– Now includes exported Playmaker Globals.
– Updated custom actions to work with Unity 5.
– Names and directories cleaned up.
– Removed unused actions.