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Floppy Tiles

Darn you, now I’m addicted to another impossible game!” Maria N.

The two most viral games of our generation, have finally come together to form what can only be described as… Pure Madness! Get ready to challenge your friends and test your skills, in what gamers are calling the most insane mash-up of the summer!

33 amazing eggs to collect. Yes, these fish lay giant eggs!
11 exciting achievements
2 uniquely controlled fish, Floppy and Droppy
Global leaderboard!
Charming artwork and music
Challenging gameplay
Flappy Bird meets Piano Tiles game mechanics mash-up

WARNING: Gameplay may cause severe moments of intense frustration, not recommended for gamers suffering from anger management issues. Users experiencing any of these symptoms should take a break and grow a pair.

Not affiliated with .GEARS Studios or Hu Wen Zeng.

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