3D Infinite Runner for Playmaker


*Must Own Playmaker
(Playmaker is a 3rd party addon sold by Hutong Games)

Now Supports Unity 2018!

This feature packed, mobile ready kit has everything you need to make your own endless 3D running game. No programming required!

1 – Responsive swipe controls
2 – Throwing projectiles
3 – Destructible objects
4 – Power ups
– Coin magnet
– Shield
– Continue Keys
– Coin doubler
– Score Multiplier
5 – Multiple speed levels
6 – Ramps, Obstacles, Tunnels, Coins and more!
7 – uGUI menus
8 – Simple character model swapping
9 – Mecanim animations (Idle, Run, Sprint, Jump, Double Jump, Slide, Throw, Spawn)
10 – Unlit world curving shader with real time directional shifting
11 – Dynamic follow camera
12 – Fast loading track randomization
13 – Easy track editing
14 – Object pooling on everything
15 – PlayerPref high scores
16 – Steampunk artwork included
17 – Sound effects included
18 – Detailed documentation
19 – Fully commented logic
20 – Mobile ready

Web Player Demo

Sample Android APK


*It is the customer's sole responsibility to own Playmaker, no refunds will be issued for failure to own the third party asset.

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Product Description

– Fixed swipe controls issue in Unity 2017.

– Added support for Unity 2017. – Fixed menu bug.

– IOS Bug Fix: Sliding under obstacles now sets collider properties correctly on IOS builds.
– Bug Fix: Footsteps now register properly when swapping character models.

– Added runtime character swap example.
– Added “Dark Metal” character skin.
– Fixed “Animator is not playing a Playable” console warning spam when switching player model.
– Y Velocity is no longer updated when game is idle or in menu.
– Updated documentation.

Bug Fixes: – Coin pickup sound now works properly in Unity 5.
– Using continue keys now properly updates the world curve logic.
– Fixed delay on pickups introduced in Unity 5.3.1f1.
– Fixed missing variable error introduced in Playmaker 1.8.0f43
– Resolved “Invalid AABB” error introduced in Unity 5.3.1f1

– API updater no longer required to run after importing additional package in Unity 5.
– Playmaker globals now import as intended in Unity 5.
– Cleaned up animator tree.
– Removed missing scene from build settings.

– Added temporary invincibility after using continue keys.
– Fixed Bug which caused player to ignore triggers when colliding with junk obstacles in Unity 5.

v1.1.2 (March 26, 2015)
Now Supports Unity 5!

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug that caused player to stand when firing from the sliding position.
– Fixed a bug causing player to stick for a split second at the top of ramps.
– Fixed Unity 5 issue causing player to not change lanes.
– Fixed Unity 5 issue causing sounds to not play.

– Lane switching no longer uses iTween, now takes advantage of HOTween performance.
– Improved auditory feedback when quickly switching lanes or cancelling lanes.
– Now includes exported Playmaker Globals.
– Updated custom actions to work with Unity 5.
– Names and directories cleaned up.
– Removed unused actions.

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