Credits Pro!


Credits Pro is truly the quickest and easiest way to add interactive, professional looking credits to your project!

The credits creator tool will help you add credit elements effortlessly. Your credits will be automatically positioned, spaced, and sized according to content height.

Forget boring old linear credits, let players experience your credits at their own pace, in a modern and intuitive fashion.

The credit scroller script combines auto scrolling, manual dragging and smooth acceleration to give your credits a fun and polished feel.

1- Easy credits creation tool.
2- Interactive scrolling script.
3- Import custom credits from text file.
4- Simple integration.
5- Auto adapts to content height.
6- Adjustable auto scroll speed.
7- Includes c# source code.
8- Includes Playmaker version with custom DOTween actions.
9- Raycasting ensures interaction remains within the scrollview area.
10- Place URL links within credits.
11- Quick change colors.
12- Uses new Unity GUI system.
13- Takes advantage of DOTween performance.
14- Both mouse and touch supported.
15- Mobile optimized.

Sample Android APK

Web Player Demo

Note: Created in Unity version 4.6.3 and Unity 5.0.0

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Product Description

v2.2 (Jan 31, 2017)

– Fixed jittery text issue.
– Fixed reset credits issue.
– Tool now appears properly in Unity Free.
– Added full canvas prefabs to simplify credits integration in new scenes.
– Resetting credits back to beginning is now more streamlined.
– Updated included DOTween version.
– Updated documentation.


– Exposed initial delay to users.
– Updated documentation.


– Added easy credit creation tool.
– Added import credits from text file option.
– Project now uses DOTween for extremely smooth, more efficient scrolling.
– Raycasting now ensures touch logic only runs when interacting within the scrollview area.
– Completely re-written in c#. No longer requires Playmaker.

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