Breakout Pro! – Playmaker


*Must Own Playmaker
(Playmaker is a 3rd party addon sold by Hutong Games)

Now Supports Unity 2018!

The most advanced breakout experience on the Asset Store has arrived!
Finely tuned controls, a multitude of powerups and brick types, simple level creation tools and excellent performance make this one of our most awesome game templates yet!

1 – Mobile & Desktop ready!
2 – Highly polished controls
3 – Intuitive paddle bounce angles
4 – Easily tweakable gameplay
5 – Unique powerups
Sticky Paddle
Grow Paddle
Shrink Paddle
Revive Ball
Split Balls
Speed Up
Slow Down
Extra Life
6 – Smart endgame powerup spawner (Trouble hitting those last few bricks? We have you covered!)
7 – Variety of brick types
Unbreakable (Except by lasers and fireballs!)
Powerup specific
Side to side moving (Smooth, smooth tick and step tick variations)
Many different point values and colors
Custom brick shapes
Easily create your own brick types
8 – Includes tools to simplify level creation
Brick snapping
Brick replacing
9 – Ball pooling system
10 – Easy percentage based drop rate calculator
11 – Supports both perspective and orthographic cameras
12 – 26 Sound effects included
13 – 10 Powerup sprites included
14 – Detailed documentation
15 – High performance on mobile
60fps on iPad 2 and Moto G without lighting and shadows
60fps on iPad mini Retina with full lighting and shadows!


Sample Android APK
*Remember to toggle shadows off on older devices via the button in the top left of the demo.


*It is the customer's sole responsibility to own Playmaker, no refunds will be issued for failure to own the third party asset.

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Product Description

– Fixed unbreakable bricks issue.

– Fixed Android collision issue.

– Updated to Unity 2018.
– Updated to Playmaker 1.9.0 Patch 2.
– Various bug fixes.

– Added support for Unity 2017.

– Updated Dreamlo integration.

– Added level selection menu.
– Added pause and resume functionality.
– Added per level leaderboards.
– Added Home, Retry and Next Level buttons to “game over” and “level completion” screens.
– Updated documentation.

– Major performance boost in WebGL!

– Vastly Improved lighting and shadow performance on older devices!
– Fixed bug: Names no longer get changed to null when cancelling a name change.
– Fixed bug: Fireballs are again self illuminated and have shadows.
– Fixed bug: Fireball particle sorting order corrected.

– Integrated Dreamlo cross platform leaderboard!
– Fixed bug: Ball and fireball glow no longer flickers.
– Fixed bug: Fireball mesh no longer protrudes through cages.
– Fixed bug: Fireball trail renderer no longer z-fights with fireball particles.

– Fixed bug: Fireballs now trigger sticky paddle sound effects.

– Performance increase: Balls and fireballs are now fully pooled, no longer using instantiation!
– Major bug fix: Ball fsm no longer gets stuck causing abnormal ball behavior.
– Tweak: Player now has slightly more leeway when trying to rescue a ball from below the paddle’s Y position.
– Added Oval bricks, giant bricks and custom shapes example.
– Added laser cancel sound effect.
– Added delay to bomb brick.
– Updated caged fireball logic to use the ball pool when spawning additional ball.
– Fixed bug:Laser powerups now stack properly.
– Fixed bug:Fireball powerup from specific bricks now spawns properly.
– Fixed bug: with split powerup that caused new balls to spawn with a perfectly horizontal trajectory.
– Fixed bug: Split now ensures that both new balls have unique trajectories.
– Fixed bug: Balls and fireballs are no longer able to move when parented to the sticky paddle.
– WebGL bug Fix: Balls and fireballs no longer offset when stuck to sticky paddle.
– WebGL bug Fix: Paddle and Wall bounce sounds now play properly.
– Various other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

– Completely overhauled the paddle bounce angle implementation.
– Added shrink paddle powerup.
– Added revive ball powerup.
– Added smart endgame powerup spawner. (Trouble getting those last few bricks? We have you covered!)
– Added cage bricks (Perfect for keeping some balls trapped for later)
– Added bomb bricks
– Added powerup specific bricks
– Added side to side moving (Smooth, smooth tick and step tick variations)
– Added percentage drop rate calculator.
– Added 3 additional sound effects.
– Added 2 additional powerup sprites.
– Improved brick snapping tool.
– Improved lighting performance.

– First release

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