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Playmaker Word Game Kit


*Must Own Playmaker
(Playmaker is a 3rd party addon sold by Hutong Games)

Now Supports Unity 2018!

The Playmaker Word Game Kit has everything you need to create a compelling word search game using Playmaker. Chock-full of features, this package will quickly and efficiently give you a head start with your own word game project!

NEW! Now supports additional languages and special characters. English, French, Spanish, Italian and German dictionaries are included.
1- Find words diagonally, vertically and horizontally
2- Intelligent automatic vowel distribution
3- Easily design unique tile layouts
4- Assign unique point values to each letter
5- Minimum word length option
6- Harness score multipliers
7- Quick letter shuffle system with score penalty
8- Makes extensive use of ArrayMaker
9- Takes advantage of HOTween performance
10- Fun Ascending and Descending tile drag sounds
11- Visual easing of point and time values
12- Simple automated countdown clock
13- Scroll through all words and visualize their point values on game over screen
14- Basic touch controls built in

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*It is the customer's sole responsibility to own Playmaker, no refunds will be issued for failure to own the third party asset.

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Product Description

v1.3 (March 25, 2015)
– Added support for Unity 5.

– Added additional language support. Now includes English, French, Spanish, Italian and German dictionaries.
– Updated documentation.

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