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Mecanim Skeletons Pack


This pack features 3 hand painted mecanim ready low poly skeletons. Choose from adult, child or demon style skeletons.

Textures come in 512px TGA format. Includes 3 different color variations.


Note: No animations included. Only mecanim skeletons are included in this package, all other assets seen in demo are not included. The demo contents are available in our Spooky Cemetery Bundle.

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Product Description

– Unity 5.3.4 version now includes metallic texture and Unity standard shader for standard skeleton assets.

v1.1 (February 21, 2015)
– Added support for Unity 5.
– Added new stock animations. (Spawn, Spawn Fast, Run, Sprint, Jump, Fall, Double Jump, Death, Idle, Throw)
– Fixed Mecanim Skeleton character definitions and separated them from the atlas texture for more flexibility.
Unity 5 features:
– Now uses unity unlit legacy shader.

v1.0 (November 04, 2014)
– Initial Release

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